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Surrey Air technician performing split system regassing

Split Systems Unveiled: Working, Servicing, Costs

Know all about your Split Systems; Working, Servicing, Costs, Maintenance And Repairs With Surrey Air. 

Learn professional secrets about split system air conditioner servicing. This split air conditioner system guide provides comprehensive information about installation, maintenance, repairs, increasing energy efficiency and running the split system air conditioners at reduced costs. 

What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split air conditioners are an advanced air conditioning system. They are an upgrade to the traditional window ACs and a simple solution to central ACs or HVACs, which require electrical and ductwork. 

The split air conditioners consist of  2 units, an indoor and an outdoor unit, which are connected through pipes. 

The indoor unit inside the room is also known as an air handling unit. The indoor unit has an evaporator coil, expansion valve, capacitor, drain hose, air filter, air blower and thermostat. 

The split air conditioner’s outdoor or condenser units are placed outside. The outdoor unit comprises a condenser, compressor, motor fac, and a drain hose. 

Split air conditioners are extremely beneficial for use in residential settings due to their flexibility and versatility. They offer zoning ability, application versatility, flexibility, and easy installation and maintenance. 

Besides these benefits, split air conditioners offer many other benefits over traditional window ACs and other air conditioners, including: 

  • Split ACs have an elegant design. 
  • Split ACs work as air conditioners and heaters. 
  • Split ACs don’t require ductwork. 
  • Split ACs offer flexible installation options. 
  • Split ACs have higher cooling capacity. 
  • Split ACs are noise-free. 
  • Split ACs are more energy efficient than other ACs. 
  • Split ACs have lower maintenance and repair costs. 
Outside and inside units of a split system with its remote

How Does A Split System Air Conditioner Work?

Here is a quick step-by-step process to help you understand how split system air conditioners work. 


Warm air moves out of the space.

The split ACs move the warm air from the rooms where they are working through the vents into the air conditioning system, 


The evaporator coil absorbs the heat in the air.

The warm air reaches the evaporator coil in the indoor unit through the vents. The warm air is blown over the cold evaporator coil, which absorbs the warmth and cools down the air. The refrigerant within the evaporator coil changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state by absorbing the heat from the passing air. 

The refrigerant then travels towards the compressor. 


The compressor raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.

The compressor changes the refrigerant into a high-temperature and high-pressure state by squeezing the gas between two solid objects. 

The refrigerant gas is now prepared for the condensing process.


Transferring the heat outside 

The superheated refrigerant in the gaseous state reaches the condenser in the outdoor unit and comes in contact with the outside air. Here, it gives off heat to the outside air, lowers its temperature and pressure and returns from its gaseous state to its original liquid state. 


Cool refrigerant goes back to the evaporator coil. 

The cool refrigerant goes back into the evaporator coil, where it cools the indoor air and repeats the process over again.


Cool air enters the space.

The warm indoor air gets cool by exchanging heat from the evaporator coil and circulates back to the indoor space. 


The cycle continues

The cycle of warm indoor air going to the evaporator coil, getting cool and returning to the indoor space continues until the desired temperature is achieved. Once the thermostat senses that temperature is achieved, it turns off the air conditioner automatically. 

During split system air conditioning installation, the indoor and outdoor units are positioned accordingly to achieve smoother functionality and optimal performance. 

Now that we know what a split system air conditioner is let’s see the costs involved in purchasing, installing and running the split system AC. 

Diagram of how does a split system work

Costs Involved With A Split System Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioner costs are separate, from purchasing a new split system air conditioner to its installation and running. Let’s look into the costs involved with a split-system air conditioner. 


Split System Air Conditioner Purchasing Cost

The purchase cost of a split system air conditioner in Melbourne depends on the size and brand. 

The average cost according to split system AC size varies. Here is an average cost breakdown according to the size of the split system AC. 

Split Air Conditioner Size In kW

Price Guide











High-end brands like Mitsubishi, Daikan, Bonair,  and Fujitsu cost more than counter brands in similar sizes and matching features. ActronAir, Haier, Panasonic, Braemar, Gree and Rinnai are popular choices. 


Split System Air Conditioner Installation Cost 

The split system air conditioner installation cost depends on the size of the AC, the installation’s complexity and the service provider’s charges. The average hourly installation rate is $60- $80 per hour, but it varies due to many factors. 

The factors include the type of split system air conditioner, amount of ducting, cabling and piping required. Cost increases if you need to upgrade the electrical system as well. 

The average split system air conditioner installation costs are mentioned below.

Size in kW

Price Guide 

2.5 to 3.5 kW

$700 to $800

5 to 9 kW

$800 to $1,000

Surrey Air provides professional split system air conditioner installation services at affordable prices. Contact us now to get a free quote. 


Split Air Conditioner Running Cost 

It’s necessary to know details about running costs before purchasing and installing an air conditioner system. Here is a complete guide to calculate the operational costs. 


Factors Affecting The Split Air Conditioner Running Costs:

Many factors affect the operational costs of split system AC. some of the main ones are mentioned here:


Size and Capacity

Unit consumption depends on the size of the split system AC and the room’s capacity. Selecting the right size AC as per your needs is necessary, as it impacts unit consumption and overall running costs. Click here to get the right size calculation for your room. 


Insulation and Home Design

Insulation and home design affect the costs. Insulation doesn’t allow the conditioned air to leave the space and maintains the temperature for longer. Well-insulated and well-designed homes take less time to heat and cool, thus affecting the overall costs. 


Energy Efficiency 

Split system ACs with good energy efficiency consume less energy and affect the operational costs. Using energy-efficient split system air conditioners in Melbourne makes you eligible to win incentives from the Government. The available programs include:

  • Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade VIC Government Rebates Program
  • Split System Air Conditioner Rebate in Victoria
  • Heating & Cooling Upgrade Rebate


User Habits 

Running a split system air conditioner at a lower-than-recommended temperature and for extended periods increases its running costs. Using the optimum temperature settings contributes to controlling operational costs. 



A regularly maintained split system air conditioner works perfectly and consumes less energy. Proper maintenance schedules play a vital role in controlling running costs. 

Here are some tips for enhancing efficiency and decreasing the costs of running an air conditioner. 

Split System Air Conditioner Services

Split system servicing is extremely important. Let’s learn details about split system air conditioner services in Melbourne. 

The Importance Of Split System Servicing

Split system servicing brings the following benefits. 

Improved Air Quality

Regular split system maintenance improves indoor air quality. The filters are clean to filter out dust and pollutants, and the living space has no foul smells or humidity. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Regular split system servicing ensures optimal performance and reduces energy consumption. Lesser energy consumption reduces the energy bills and, hence, the operational costs. 


Regular split system maintenance extends the life of the split system and saves you from emergency repair costs. 

Increased Comfort

Split system servicing increases comfort levels by maintaining temperature and improving air quality. 

Cost Savings

Split system servicing costs might feel like a burden, but it brings cost savings. Regular maintenance controls the energy bills and saves you from emergency repairs, bringing cost savings in the long run. 

Neglecting the split system maintenance negatively impacts the system’s health, performance, lifespan, and user health. It’s recommended to follow the maintenance schedule and plan split system servicing every six months or annually, depending on your usage. 

Surrey air technician doing split system servicing in Melbourne

Split System Service Cost

Depending on various factors, the average split system service cost ranged from $70 – $200. This cost increases if your split system needs any repairs, gas refilling or drain flush. Total service cost also depends on the selection of service providers. 

Yearly maintenance services can cost around $180, with an additional $80 per hour charge for extra time spent. 

You may have to pay slightly higher if you are a new customer and get a discount of up to $20 if you are a returning customer. 

At Surrey Air, we charge an affordable price for offering our technical expertise. Our services ensure your split system air conditioner receives proper cleaning and maintenance services. Our trained staff is highly competent to discover any underlying issues and guide if your system requires any repairs. 

What Is Included In Split System Air Conditioning Services?

Split system air conditioning services  include 

  • Filter inspection and cleaning. 
  • Entire air conditioner cleaning. 
  • Remote control checks.
  • Thermostat calibration. 
  • Drain flush.
  • Comprehensive inspection. 
  • Repairs if necessary. 


Surrey Air is one of the most reliable companies offering split system air conditioner services in Melbourne. We have over 40 years of expertise in working with different types of air conditioners from various brands. Our competitive services and affordable prices have won the hearts of many customers. 

Book Your Services With Surrey Air

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