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Choosing The Right Size Split System Air Conditioner

When you are about to get a new split system air conditioner for your home or office, you should first consider what size split system do I need. Finding the correct size is more important than choosing the brand or assigning the budget for your split system air conditioner. This article will help if you are still looking for the right size split system air conditioner for your home or office.


In a hot and humid Australian environment, you require optimum temperature control in your home and offices while saving on electricity bills. Most people make one common mistake. They either buy larger than the required size to obtain quick cooling and save electricity or smaller to cut on the unit utilization and purchasing cost. The downside of choosing a larger or smaller size split air conditioner is more than the positive ones. Therefore, finding the correct size is crucial to attaining constant cooling temperature and cost saving on bills.


Let’s look at the cons of choosing the wrong size split system air conditioner so you can know the importance of choosing the right one.

Choosing The Wrong Size Split System Air Conditioner

Let us tell you that buying a larger or smaller unit of the required size won’t bring any good. Many negative effects and knowing them will convince you to find what size split system do I need. You’ll face the following problems with wrong size split system air conditioner:

The Larger Than Required Unit:

  • The cost of purchasing is higher.
  • The system runs multiple short cycles to achieve the desired temperature, making the room too hot or cold.
  • The larger unit is unable to dehumidify the room appropriately, causing discomfort.
  • Running multiple cycles means more consumption of electricity.
  • The running cost of a larger split system is higher.
  • The larger system in a smaller room faces more technical issues and needs frequent maintenance.

The Smaller Than Required Unit:

  • The smaller systems work at their maximum capacity to achieve the desired temperature, causing the deterioration of the system quickly.
  • Uses more power for a longer duration.
  • Causes discomfort by making the air too dry.
  • The running cost is higher.


Considering the cons, choosing the right size split system air conditioner is wise as it will control your electricity bill, maintain indoor air quality and comfort, decrease your repair expense and run smoothly without problems.

Calculating the Right Size Split System

Choosing the right size split system air conditioner depends on the size of the room where you will install it. So, the selection depends on calculating what size split system do I need. The calculation isn’t too complex, and anyone can do it if they follow this step to step guide:

Calculate The Area Of The Room:

The area tells the size of the room in square meters. To know the area, measure the room’s length and width in meters and multiply them. The formula is the same for square or rectangular rooms but different for triangular or unusually shaped rooms.

To get the area of a triangular room, multiply length x width x ½. For unusually shaped rooms, divide the room into several measurement points. Measure the length and width of each piece and sum it up to obtain the room’s total area.

The formulas are applicable to standard-sized rooms with 8ft high ceilings. If your room’s ceilings are higher, use their measurement to calculate the room’s size correctly.

Simple, isn’t it? Indeed it is. But several factors affect calculating the right size split system and changing a room’s required cooling capacity.


Factors Influencing the Cooling Capacity:

The formula mentioned earlier for calculating the room’s size is accurate. But several other factors alter the room’s temperature and the required cooling capacity. Let us enlist the factors you must count while calculating the room’s cooling capacity.


1. Room’s Location

The room’s location is important when calculating the cooling capacity. If the room is in hotter areas of Australia, it will require a split system air conditioner with more cooling capacity.  Besides the geographical location, the internal location of the room also creates a difference. Always notice if the room is located towards the south or west to take an estimation about the temperature it will experience.


2. Room Type

You’ll need a smaller cooling capacity for a closed room than the open one of the same size. What size split system do I need greatly depends on whether you are installing it in the bedroom, basement, kitchen or living room. Air conditioner size also varies with the number of people using a room.


3. Number Of Doors And Windows

The normal calculations for split system size are based on an ideal room with 1 door and 2 windows. If your room has more than 1 door or 2 windows, count them and move a size up on the split system to gain appropriate cooling. The type of built materials used for doors and windows also impacts the required cooling capacity.


4. Location Of Doors and Windows

Room temperature varies with the doors and windows’ location. You’ll require more cooling capacity if the room’s windows and doors open towards the east or south rather than the west direction.


5. Insulation

Insulation on walls, ceilings, and floors impacts the temperature inside the room. The size of the split system air conditioner will vary if the room is insulated, uninsulated or poorly insulated. If insulation is present you don’t need to move a size up in selecting the air conditioner.


6. Shading And Curtains

Shading and curtains influence the room’s temperature. If there is appropriate shading and you’ve used heavy curtains, you’ll have to reconsider what size split system do I need.


Using these guidelines, you can accurately calculate the room’s size and required air conditioner size. If you are confused at any stage of the room’s size calculation, use the automatic split system air conditioner size calculator.

Guide To Choosing The Right Size Split System Air Conditioner

Now that you know how to measure the room’s size to select the right size split system air conditioner and the factors that influence the selection, it’s the right time to know the size of the air conditioner per the room’s size.


Room’s Area In Square Meters

Size Of The Split Air Conditioner In Killo Watts (kW)

65 square meters

7-8 kW

30-45 square meters

5-6 kW

20-30 square meters

3.5 kW

10-20 square meters

2.6 kW


These are simple guidelines. Select a size up or down for a split conditioner depending on the factors that affect cooling capacity.


Now that you have the answer to what size split system do I need, you can select your favourite models from your desired brand or as per your budget. If you need help selecting and installing the split system air conditioner, click here to connect with metropolitan Melbourne’s best cooling system providers.



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