How to test if your heater is working properly


Do you know if your heater is working properly?

We have had a marvelous Indian Summer so far, but this is Melbourne, so the pre-winter cold will arrive before we know it, and it is best to be prepared when it does.

You’d be surprised how many people leave it to the first cold snap to test their heaters, only to find out they have a fault and then have to go cold and unhappy until it can be fixed.

If you don’t want this to be you, then follow these four simple tips.

Four simple checks to do on your heater today

  1. Turn on your heater today. Yes, even if it’s warm outside today. Open a window near your heater and run it for 15 mins. If the heater does not turn on then book Surrey Air for a general All Star repair.
  2. Check the heater access point (in wall, ceiling or under the floor) and the internal vents for any strange burning, electrical or gas smells. If you smell anything unusual, turn off the heater and book Surrey Air for an emergency repair.
  3. Turn off the radio, TV, etc, and listen for any unusual mechanical sounds. If you hear anything strange, turn off the heater and book Surrey Air for a standard repair.
  4. To keep your heater running efficiently all through the many months of a Melbourne winter, book a Super Star or Gold Star Maintenance Service with Surrey Air today. We will perform all the checks above and do a mechanical service on your units as well. Pre-booking your general service will save you time, money and shivering!

Bonus Tip: Carbon Monoxide detection saves lives

If you don’t have a Carbon Monoxide detector, get one today and install it near your heater. Carbon Monoxide is an odourless and deadly gas produced by unserviced and unventilated gas heaters. Detectors save lives and are available from hardware stores and supermarkets for a very reasonable price point. For more information on the very real dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning visit