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New year HVAC resolutions

7 HVAC Resolutions For New Year 2024 

The clock is ticking fast. The new year is almost here!

Why not sit and make resolutions for the year ahead?

In the new year, you must take a pen and paper and plan the next 12 months of your life with a definitive goal.

A goal or self-resolution of improving your health, career, or finances, starting a hobby, or doing something that matters. It’s also a great time to focus on changing a bad habit or improvising the things you do in a certain way.

You mustn’t forget your HVAC system while making your New Year’s resolution list. It’s one of the important things that affect your health, finances, and comfort!

Resolving to improvise your HVAC system is a great way to improve its health, performance, efficiency, and longevity. So, let’s not forget the HVAC and make some HVAC New Year resolutions that benefit you and your system!

Resolution # 1: Be A Responsible Owner

First thing first. You may make many resolutions but only fulfil them or take care of your HVAC system once you realise your responsibility towards your HVAC system.

Being an owner will lead you to understand your HVAC needs, make an effort to maintain its health, schedule maintenance services, get repairs, and consult professional HVAC services for assistance when required.

If you take care of your HVAC system responsibly, the system will offer you performance efficiency, cost savings over repairs, and insurance benefits on your property.

Resolution # 2: Evaluate Your Past HVAC Practices

It is best to evaluate your past HVAC practices at the beginning of the new year and before making new HVAC resolutions. Look into how you’ve treated your HVAC system in the past.

Have you scheduled its maintenance regularly? Have you called professionals for maintenance services or done it yourself? Have you checked and refilled the refrigerant? Have you taken care of your HVAC in extreme weather?

All these questions say a lot about how you treated your HVAC, its current condition, and what it will be in a few years. Evaluate your past HVAC practices to change them for better ones!

Resolution # 3: Gain More Knowledge About Your HVAC System

Do you know all the necessary details about your HVAC system? How it works, type, capacity, energy consumption, key components and their functions, and details about ductwork?

Knowing details about your HVAC system helps you with its maintenance, locating problems, and finding solutions. Gaining knowledge about HVAC systems will allow you to make informed decisions when getting services from technicians.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about your HVAC system, promise to dedicate an hour weekly to upgrade your knowledge.

Resolution # 4: Plan Routine Preventive Maintenance Ahead Of Time

Delaying the annual HVAC maintenance services isn’t good for the health of your HVAC system. The longer you delay, the more you risk the HVAC system’s health and performance, as maintenance helps you identify and address potential problems before they cause system damage.

Scheduling preventive maintenance ahead of time kills unnecessary delays, prevents unexpected breakdowns, and helps your system run smoothly. 

Call the professional HVAC service provider company to book your slot on your preferred date and time!

Resolution # 5: Take Precautions

Taking precautions is as necessary as providing maintenance services. No amount of maintenance services will help to maintain your system’s health until you take the necessary precautions to save your system from daily wear and tear.

For example, you must cover the HVAC outdoor unit to save it from extreme weather, clean its surroundings to prevent dried leaves or other debris from entering the unit, keep the house insulated to prevent the loss of conditioned air, and many more.

These small measures will reduce stress from your HVAC system, help improve its performance, and increase durability.

Resolution # 6: Clean The Filters Regularly

We can’t emphasize this resolution enough. Although filters are cleaned or changed during the scheduled maintenance, it’s not enough. If you want your HVAC system to work wonders, provide efficient cooling or heating, consume less energy, and maintain indoor air quality, do not stress out; just clean the filters regularly.

Cleaning the filters every 2-3 weeks and changing them when there are visible signs of damage is a simple task that you can do without professional help. Read why you need to check the HVAC filter to learn the necessary details.

Resolution # 7: Maintain The Units, Ducts And Vents

The units, ducts and vents are the key components of the HVAC system that work together to deliver thermal comfort in your home! Maintaining them regularly is necessary to get long-lasting services from the HVAC system.

Make a promise to keep units clean, ducts leakproof and insulated, and vents clear.

Resolution # 8: Fix The Problems Without Delay

Well, this is a hard promise to keep.

Small issues become havoc for your HVAC system when not initially fixed. HVAC owners usually delay the repair and replacement until they damage the component or the entire HVAC system. Even if the system doesn’t fail, it significantly loses its performance and efficiency.

Although problems are fixed during regular preventive maintenance, problems may still arise at any time. This year, resolve the problems without delay to ensure optimum performance and house safety. 

Resolution # 9: Add Zoning Systems

Zoning is efficient for bringing energy and cost savings. But do you know it can also help improve the HVAC system’s health, efficiency, and performance?

Adding zoning systems to your HVAC reduces stress. The system doesn’t work unnecessarily, conditioning air for spaces where it’s not needed. In turn, it efficiently works for spaces where you require air conditioning. The zoning system controls the net usage and keeps it under the HVAC system’s net capacity.

When an HVAC system works at its maximum capacity, it faces less wear and tear and doesn’t face overloading issues, thus increasing its life, efficiency, and performance.

Resolution # 10: Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

If you use the old-fashioned manual thermostat, promise your HVAC an upgrade to a programmable thermostat.

As the name indicates, the programmable thermostats are programmable. You can program them for daily or weekly settings. They can store the information and repeat six or more multiple settings. Adding convenience, comfort, and automation to your home HVAC system is a valuable investment. The cost of a programmable thermostat is higher than a manual thermostat and costs around $ 30- $85.

A programmable thermostat brings energy efficiency and cost savings and reduces the environmental effect.

Resolution # 11: Upgrade To An Eco-Friendly HVAC System

Keep upgrading to an eco-friendly HVAC system as your long-term resolution.

New HVAC systems are more energy-efficient, meaning they have fewer carbon emissions and leave a lesser carbon imprint. It significantly reduces the greenhouse effect and reduces the negative environmental effects. Moreover, eco-friendly HVAC systems consume less energy, bringing savings on energy bills.


Suppose you make the resolutions mentioned above for your HVAC system in 2024. In that case, you’ll witness a great positive influence on performance, temperature efficiency, cut down on electricity bills, energy efficiency, and more.

Most of these resolutions are very easy to keep. All you need is a 100% commitment from your side. If you need assistance at any step, especially for scheduled maintenance or repairs, contact an experienced and reliable HVAC service company. For people residing in Melbourne, you may contact Surrey Air, a licensed and experienced HVAC installation and maintenance company that provides affordable services.

Happy New Year to you and your HVAC!



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eric yuen
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