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Despite enjoying the comfort and cost-effectiveness of gas ducted heating for years, can you convert gas ducted heating to electric? Well, technology has changed how things work, and looking into modern heating systems, its the time to replace gas-ducted heating with electric 

Australia has cold winters and hot summers, which makes temperature control systems popular and needed in every home. Ducted gas heating systems have been in demand due to their comfort, energy efficiency, and running cost. But as time changes and newer, technically advanced, energy-efficient electric heating units are available in the market, many people ask, “Is there an electric replacement for gas ducted heating?”  

Besides the advanced technology, people usually consider cost-benefit and energy efficiency as the main factors in choosing their heating system.

Gas prices are increasing, and other alternatives offer more energy efficiency, convincing people to shift. Above all, people are becoming environmentally conscious and picking environmentally friendly solutions for mother earth. Gas is a non-renewable, limited natural resource that creates a higher carbon imprint than electric heating systems.  

With all the strong reasons to replace gas ducted heating with electric, changing the whole heating system. People often ask, “Is there an electric replacement for gas ducted heating?” This article answers all their queries, asking, “Can you convert gas ducted heating to electric? 

Understanding The Gas Ducted Heating

It’s important to understand how gas ducted heating works and its components.  

A gas ducted heating has an outer heating unit that combusts gas to heat the air in a chamber and then pushes the air into the ductwork and circulates throughout the house for heating it. The hot air circulates through the return air vents to the chamber for heating. The ducts are installed on the ceilings or under the roof with a thermostat for efficient temperature control.  

 Here are the three main advantages and disadvantages of gas ducted heating.  





  • Offers instant and comfortable heating.  
  • Uneven room temperature and altered air pressure.  
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly as compared to burning coals.  
  • Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  
  • Comes with advanced zoning control and thermostat features.  
  • Use of natural, nonrenewable energy resources.  

Although gas ducted heating systems are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than coals or burning wood and more cost-efficient than electric heating systems, they are becoming outdated. They are no longer the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly, or cost-efficient option. So, there is a need for more sustainable options.

The Rise of Electric Heating

Some years ago, electric heating systems were not much advanced and consumed a lot of electricity and drastically increased electricity bills. Electric systems also didn’t offer comfortable temperature control.

With advancing technology, electric heating systems are becoming efficient and these problems are eliminated. They offer temperature efficiency, comfort, and energy efficiency and are an eco-friendly option. Electricity is a renewable resource and has no carbon imprint.

Various electric heating systems, such as heat pumps, central heaters, electric furnaces, and reverse-cycle air conditioners, are now available in the market.

Electric heaters work by heating the air. The air moves over electric heating elements: coils, tubular or fine tubular.  The electric elements raise the temperature of air, and then a blower pushes this hot air from heating elements into the ducts. This heated air then reaches indoors via ducts and vents to warm them up.  

Electric heating systems are more energy-efficient than any other heating system. An electric heating system consumes all the electricity to convert it into heat energy without any wastage.

It allows the users to get maximum output while saving on their electric bills and lesser need for maintenance. Energy efficiency brings more benefits, such as environmental and utility system benefits.  

Technician working at home converting a gas ducted heating to electric system

Factors To Consider For Conversion

Suppose you are a gas-ducted heating system user. In that case, you must be thinking can you convert gas ducted heating to electric? Here are a few factors you must consider before you decide to replace gas ducted heating with electric. 



It is a must to consider the feasibility of converting a gas-ducted heating system into an electric one. The question arises, is there an electric replacement for gas ducted heating? The answer is Yes!

You can simply replace the gas heating unit with an electric one without changing the ductwork and other components.  



You may have to face compatibility issues if your ductwork is too old and not compatible with your new system. You can look for options and search for an electric heating system compatible with your ductwork to avoid the hassle. You should change it if your ductwork is too old or there are leakage issues.  


Check Other Requirements: 

Besides selecting and installing the electric heating unit, you should take the help of a professional service provider to assess the quality of insulation and wiring requirements and discuss energy consumption. Discussing all the crucial factors will help you make an informed decision.  



Cost is one of the most powerful driving factors when converting gas-ducted heating into electricity. Replacing gas ducted heating with electric may cost you between $1800- $9500, depending on your chosen electric heating system and whether you require ductwork or wiring services.

You might be eligible for government-supported energy-saving appliance upgrade offers and get special discounts to upgrade your heating system.   

Converting to an electric heating system may sound like a big expense, but they offer a good return on investment. Electric systems do not consume much electricity and are cheaper to operate.

They also save you a lot of money you spend on maintaining your gas-ducted heating units. Initially, you have to spend on an electric system, but in the long run, they bring efficient savings.

Benefits of Converting to Electric Heating System

Here is a quick tour of the benefits of converting to an electric heating system.

Limitations And Challenges

The following limitations and challenges make you wonder whether you can convert gas-ducted heating to electric.  

Setting Up The Electric Heating System 

While replacing the heating unit, you may also need to replace the radiators or get under the floor heating system to make the home comfortably warm. Incomplete accessories won’t provide you with efficient temperature control.


Choosing The Right Electric Heating System 

You will find your answer to convert gas ducted heating to electric-only if you get to choose the right electric heating system. Your new electric heating system must be compatible with the existing ductwork and ventilation system. If your new system doesn’t align with the existing one, it will drastically increase your installation cost.  


Proper Replacement Services 

You can not just purchase and swap the electric heating unit with the gas-ducted heating unit. There are a lot of technicalities involved, and one wrong step can put you into a lot of trouble. When replacing the heating unit, you must seek help from a professional service provider.

From choosing the right electrical ducted heating unit to its installation, a professional service provider can make your work easier and more efficientInstead of facing complications, it’s wise to contact experts at Surrey Air and stop doubting can you convert gas ducted heating to electric!  

Final Verdict

The answer to Can you convert gas ducted heating to electric is Yes! You can replace the gas-ducted heating unit with an electric one and enjoy thermal and energy efficiency while protecting the environment from harmful green gas emissions. Many electric-based heating systems are available in the market that users can choose as per their requirements.

Converting to an electric heating system is easy and smooth, but there are some limitations too. Professional service providers can simplify your replacement process.   



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