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Surrey Air Technician converting ducted heating to air conditioning in Melbourne

Adapting to Melbourne’s Climate: Converting Ducted Heating to Air Conditioning

Summers are around the corner in Melbourne! It’s time to wave goodbye to your winters and get prepared to welcome summers in Melbourne’s variable climate.  

One of the most important things you’ll need to adjust to the changing climate and beat the heat at your offices or home is air conditioning. If you are on a budget or do not want to go through the cumbersome air conditioning installation process or invest in new air conditioning, we have a great deal for you.  

We will help you convert ducted heating to air conditioning and adapt to Melbourne’s climate easily. Keep reading this article to learn the benefits and technical steps for converting ducted heating to air conditioning and how professional services can help you throughout the process.  

Let’s begin.  

Benefits Of Converting Ducted Heating To Air Conditioning

Before we go into the technical details, or you get professional services, you must know how this upgrade will bring advantages for you. 


Efficient Cooling  

Air conditioning systems are designed to cool down the indoor temperatures. They are highly efficient during the hot Melbourne days to provide optimum cooling and thermal comfort for your home or offices.  

Improved Air Quality  

Air conditioner systems circulate the indoor air from the rooms into the system with filters where they clean air by removing dust and pollutants. Air conditioners help occupants to enjoy fresh and clean air in closed spaces.  

Energy Efficiency  

Advanced energy-efficient air conditioning systems with 5-star energy ratings are available in the market, offering efficient cooling while consuming less energy. So you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures during hot days without paying too much for bills.  

Year-Round Comfort 

You can achieve year-round thermal comfort with your air conditioner if it has a heat pump or reverse cycle function. It will work as a heater during winter and cool down air during summer, keeping you comfortable throughout the year.


Cost Saving  

Using a single system that can provide both heating and cooling functions will save you from the expense of purchasing, installing and maintaining two systems. You can enjoy heating and cooling while saving a good amount.


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Steps For Converting Ducted Heating To Air Conditioning

Converting a ducted heating system into an air conditioner is a technical job involving many steps. It is recommended to hire professional help for a seamless transition. Here is an overview of the complete technical process.


The first and the most crucial step in converting a ducted heating system into an air conditioner is a comprehensive assessment of the system. Assess the existing ducted heating system and the building’s layout to determine if it’s suitable for air conditioning or requires any modifications. 


Unit Selection 

Assessment will help you determine if you can convert your existing ducted heated system to an air conditioner or if you will need to change the entire unit. When making alterations, you must assess your requirements and budget for selecting the appropriate unit.  


Duct Work Modification  

You may require modifying the ductwork if the existing ductwork is compatible ideal for both heating and cooling systems. You may or may not be required to change, the ductwork depending on whether the new unit is compatible with the existing current ductwork. In either case, it is valuable to check the ductwork as it ensures efficient airflow and temperature maintenance.



You can prepare for installation by setting a location to install position the indoor and outdoor units. Installation is complex, so you must consider calling a professional for help. 


Electrical And Plumbing Work  

You may require changes in the electrical and plumbing work as per the requirements of the air conditioning system. They ensure efficient air conditioning systems working without using too much energy. Ensure all the electrical and plumbing work complies with the local and building rules and regulations.



Testing is one of the most crucial technical steps while converting your ducted heating system into an air conditioning system, as it tests everything is in place. If any component of the ducted system, ductwork, electrical or plumbing work denotes a problem, it can be fixed at this step.


Maintenance And Servicing  

Ducted heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and servicing. It is essential to keep them systems in good condition. Take an account of servicing and maintenance costs while converting the system.

Surrey Air technician doing air conditioning service Elwood near Melbourne, VIC

How Professional Services Can Help?

Converting a ducted heating system into air conditioning is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge, experience and technical equipment. Calling professional services for help can benefit customers in multiple ways, including: 



Professional service providers have technical certifications and experience working with ducted heating and air conditioning systems. They can help you with the conversion process and find the best solutions for optimal performance.


Energy efficiency  

Professional technicians use their knowledge and skills to optimize the system’s efficiency while consuming minimum energy. They can help the building owners save on energy electricity bills while enjoying temperature control.  


Complying with the government and local building laws is necessary when using ducted systems. Professional service providers are well aware of the rules and adhere to these guidelines and standards to avoid potential legal issues.  


It is necessary to consider safety measures when updating or installing a ducted heating and cooling system. Electrical and plumbing work is potentially hazardous if not done correctly. Professionals can reduce the risk of damages and accidents and prioritize safety with their technical skills.  

Quality Assessment, Design and Installation  

Professional service providers add value to the assessment, design and installation steps of converting ducted heating to air conditioning. They guarantee quality services and avoid issues like air leakage, electrical problems, and insufficient ductwork, leading to optimum system performance.  

Warranty and Support 

Calling professional services brings added benefits like manufacturer’s support and warranty. Customers can contact the manufacturers for support and maintenance in case of any issues.  

Long Term Comfort  

Professionals provide high-quality installation and maintenance services that enhance the performance and efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Their services allow customers to enjoy long-term temperature comfort with peace of mind.  


Initially, calling professional service providers may seem expensive, but they assure savings in the long run. Professional services ensure no problems in the ductwork, air leakage, or electrical wiring concerns. The system will require fewer repairs and maintenance, and there will be reduced chances of system breakdown. This brings savings in operations and maintenance and increases the system’s life.  

Surrey Air provides professional services for converting ducted heating to air conditioning systems. Our technicians are professionally trained to deal with the technicalities and offer an ultimate experience to all the customers.  


Melbourne’s versatile climate requires a heater and air conditioner to stay comfortable indoors. Converting a ducted heating system into air conditioning is wise as summer approaches. Converting ducted heating to air conditioning involves many technical steps, including assessment, designing, installation, testing and maintenance.  

Using professional services can help with seamless transitional efforts while ensuring the quality of work. It brings all-year comfort, cost savings, energy efficiency, efficient cooling and improved indoor air quality. Successful conversion can lead you to enjoy a more comfortable, climate-adaptive home and offices in Melbourne. 



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Charles Koutzy
Charles Koutzy
Highly recommend Great air con company 10/10 great service & excellent Technicians that completed The job properly & promptly. Keep up the great work. Charles Edithvale
eric yuen
eric yuen
We had an exceptional experience with the professional team who serviced my heater and evaporative air cooler. They were punctual, provided excellent service, and even went the extra mile by fixing a broken tile on our roof. Highly recommended for their professionalism and attention to detail.
Olivia Butler
Olivia Butler
Surrey air came a few weeks ago and serviced my reverse cycle air conditioner for me. They were able to fit me in quickly, there was good communication and the technician arrived on time. The technician was helpful going onto the roof and providing me photos to give to the body corporate re other units that needed attending to.
Lee Campbell
Lee Campbell
Very happy with the service. Both professional and prompt. Would have hesitation to recommend.
Kate Antrobus
Kate Antrobus
Great service.
Andrea Anderson
Andrea Anderson
These guys had the most reasonable call out fee, they were able to attend to fix our issue the day after I contacted them and there was great communication throughout the whole process from booking to the eta of the technicians. They arrived and promptly set to work, getting our cooling back up and running. I would recommend them.
Great service, friendly people and would definitely recommend!

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