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commercial air conditioner outdoor unit compressor install outside the building in Melbourne

Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Melbourne Business

If you are a business owner or a manager in Melbourne, choosing a commercial air conditioner for your business for hot days might be challenging. You’ll also need a heater when the weather turns cold. A commercial HVAC system is the right solution for you in this scenario! 

A commercial HVAC will take care of the building’s cooling, heating and ventilation needs. Whether you run an office, a retail store, a restaurant, or any other commercial establishment, selecting the right HVAC is crucial. 

Here is a complete guide to choosing the right HVAC system for your Melbourne business.

Why Choosing The Right Commercial HVAC System Matters?

Let’s begin our journey by learning why you must consider the factors and specifications of a commercial air conditioner or heating system. 



HVAC system has a significant impact on the comfort level of a commercial establishment. Too hot or too cold temperatures directly affect a business’s productivity. Maintaining an indoor temperature also impacts customer satisfaction with your business. 


Energy Efficiency  

An energy-efficient commercial HVAC system will help you gain savings on energy bills while offering comfort to employees and customers. Energy efficient systems are eco-friendly, reduce carbon imprint and help a business achieve its sustainability goals. 


Air Quality  

Suffocation and indoor smells are common air quality problems in commercial settings. The right HVAC ensures proper air purification and ventilation to improve indoor air quality.



Selecting a durable brand is a profitable investment as it will save you from early replacements and frequent repairs and give you peace of mind.


Operational And Maintenance Costs 

Your system must be easier to operate to keep you easy and comfortable. It must also have low operational and maintenance costs to save you money.

Surrey Air Technician working on a commercial air conditioning system

Factors To Consider For Choosing The Right HVAC System

Here are some key factors you must consider before purchasing a commercial air conditioner or HVAC system for business.


Project Scope Factors  

When choosing an HVAC system for business, it is necessary to determine the project scope factors. These factors provide insight into minute details that impact the functionality and performance of the heating, cooling, and ventilation system.

The project scope factors include a brief description, requirements depending on occupancy, usage, and area to be covered, building rules and local compliances, budget, equipment verification, and determining the project timeline.  


Architectural Elements 

The architectural design of the building influences the selection of an HVAC system.

Architectural elements like open-concept design, skylights, and atriums impact the distribution of conditioned air. These specialized elements require specialized HVAC solutions to maintain temperature within the building. The facade of the building offers different levels of insulation against climate and impacts thermal comfort within the building.  

Depending on the design elements and facets of the building, you must adjust the size of the HVAC components. 

Size And Layout Of Building 

The area of commercial establishment, including ceiling height, makes the building size. The larger the area, you’ll need HVAC of higher capacity. Along with the size, the layout of the building under consideration also matters. The demand for higher capacity HVAC systems increases for more complex layouts.

Get professional help to determine the HVAC requirements and provide you with sophisticated solutions fit for your commercial air conditioner, heater and ventilation needs.


Type Of HVAC System 

Many types of HVAC systems are available. You must select the type that matches your building size, layout, architectural design and climatic conditions.  

You need to see if you need a local or central HVAC system. Single-split systems, multiple-split systems, variable refrigerant flow (VRF), variable air volume (VAV), and heat pumps are among the common types available in the market. You need to research and evaluate or get professional help to assess which HVAC system type will bring the best value to your commercial setting.


Climatic Conditions  

The local climatic conditions influence the selection of a commercial HVAC system. Melbourne experiences temperature variations ranging from hot and humid summer days to glorious springs, mild, pleasant autumn and crisp winters. These climatic conditions affect the selection of the HVAC system in the city.  

According to Melboune’s climatic conditions, you’ll require an HVAC system with robust air conditioning and heating capacity that maintains thermal comfort throughout the year.


Regulatory Compliances:  

Various authorities and organizations set rules and standards for HVAC systems. These rules and standards vary according to the geographical location, climate and safety requirements.  

In Melbourne, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), National Construction Code (NCC) and The Australian Standard for Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007) present rules for HVAC system regulatory compliances. These rules are for safety, environmental sustainability, and efficient temperature control.  

Ahead of these rules, you should consider industry-specific regulations and building requirements before selecting and installing HVAC for commercial settings.  


Cost And Budget 

HVAC systems with various specifications, features and capacities are available from different brands. Systems with automatic features and higher capabilities cost more.  

Consider your requirements and budget while selecting your commercial HVAC system. Ahead of purchasing price and installation costs, you must also consider long-term costs in energy consumption, system operations, and maintenance costs.  

Spending on a high-quality, reliable HVAC system is valuable as it is more energy-efficient and lasts longer, bringing more savings.


Ease Of Maintenance  

HVAC systems require regular maintenance. This can be bi-annual or annual maintenance services, depending on the working of the HVAC system. You might need repairs and replacements with time. It’s necessary to consider ease of maintenance in terms of the availability of parts and professionals to offer services.  

Consider ease of maintenance as an essential factor to impact your choice of the right HVAC system.  


Use US DOE Prototype Buildings As A Reference 

The U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) has developed prototype buildings for commercial and residential settings. US DOE prototypes are designed to cover a range of building types and climate zones to facilitate comprehensive energy performance assessments and simulations. 

These prototypes demonstrate standardized building designs that serve as representative models for different purposes, including designing efficient HVAC systems. DOE presents 16 prototypes for commercial settings to help develop the right HVAC system.

You can use these prototypes as a reference to test energy efficiency in the building while reducing energy wastage and getting the best performance with your HVAC.


Professional Installation 

HVAC professionals are trained individuals with advanced training and experience. Hiring them for installation enhances the safety and efficiency of the HVAC system in your commercial setting.  

Professionals are also familiar with the local building codes and regulations and ensure meeting the regulatory standards. Hiring professionals for installation also reduces the risks of breakdowns and costly repairs and ensures you get a manufacturer’s warranty.

You must prefer a service provider who offers reliable commercial air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems with installation and maintenance services. Surrey Air is one of Melbourne’s leading commercial HVAC system providers, offering the best HVAC services for businesses at cost-effective prices.

Conclusively, consider project scope factors, cost and budget, climatic conditions, architectural elements, building size and layout, regulatory compliances, types of HVAC systems, US DOE building prototypes, maintenance and professional installation services as factors for choosing the right commercial air conditioner or HVAC system for your Melbourne business or anywhere worldwide. Use these factors as a framework to help you choose the right HVAC system for your Melbourne business.  



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Ian Mackenzie
service request was handled very well the technician arrived within the time frame given and was courteous and efficient and the job done within a sshort time frame
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Ric Hanger
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Markandu Sivanesan
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Aynsley Mitchell
I discovered my central heating had failed late Tuesday night. My dealings with Surrey Air staff on Wednesday morning were exceptionally swift, courteous and professional. They had my system back online by lunchtime! It was clear that the office staff including Claire and the field staff took responsibility for fixing my problem and communicating quickly ,and thoroughly, vital information. They provided me with the opportunity to discuss, with Jason (the boss) the potential consequent scenarios following the repair. and solutions to each. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. Professional, Practical, Available and Affordable service I need more stars to reward them all
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Pam Sampson
A very professional and friendly service which quickly identified the problem with our heating system.The options to correct the problem were clearly identified and the costs made known.
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Mark Willing
Ducted heating service was done promptly and efficiently
Greg Lawson
Greg Lawson
Very thorough work for my service and clearly understood course of action as possible remedy for problem with my Brivis Gas Heater.
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Kaylene West
I would recommend the Surrey Air team. Paul was able to identify the problem with the ducted heating and arranged for the replacement of parts to be installed as soon as possible. Very happy with their work.
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