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What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Summer Australia?

As Australian summer days are in full swing and energy prices are skyrocketing, clients often ask us what temperature to set their air conditioner in summer to stay cool and reduce energy bills. Do you know that heating and cooling solutions contribute up to 50 per cent to your energy bill? According to a study by Ergon Energy, you can save 10 per cent on your energy consumption by increasing just a degree. 

We have seen Melbournians setting the air conditioner temperature to 19 degrees to stay cool in summer. However, they are unaware that setting this temperature increases their electricity bills at a drastic pace and puts a strain on their aircon, causing it to wear out sooner. 

Therefore, making simple adjustments to the temperature can make a significant difference to the cooling and energy costs. Keep reading our guide to know more about what temperature to set the air conditioner in Australian Summers. 

What is the Right Air Conditioner Temperature? 

If you ask what temperature to set your air conditioner to in the Summer period, the answer is that it depends on the region and its climate. 

The climate is one of the most crucial determinants of the best air conditioner temperature. The standard temperature is 21 to 25 degrees to stay cool during summers and for maximum energy efficiency. However, the recommendation is only for regions with a moderate climate. The table below provides a general guideline for other Australian regions. 




Air conditioner Temperature for Summers 

North Queensland, Northern Territory and North West Australia 



Central Australia 



South East Queensland, New South Wales 




Mild temperate 


South Australia 



South West WA 



South East NWS, North East Victoria 



South East Victoria 




Why Inaccurate Temperature Skyrockets Energy Costs?


The science behind an indirect relationship between air conditioner temperature and energy bills is simple – the lower the temperature of your air conditioner, the greater the energy consumption, and the higher the energy bill.

As we mentioned above, a decrease in a degree can consume 10% of energy, and while it does not seem much, it adds up to the bill and cost a lot higher for the entire month.   

One thing to note here is that while energy saving is fundamental, comfort is too. The guidelines provided above are for expected climate conditions, but if the weather becomes hot, there is no need to run your aircon at 25 degrees. So, energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand. 

Other Energy-Efficient Practices to Reduce Energy Costs


Use a Smart Thermostat 

We often set the temperature to the lowest when we return from hot outdoors. While the practice is quite relaxing, it is temporary as it can drastically increase your energy bills.

In this case, a smart thermostat allows users to experience efficient performance. You can turn your aircon on while still at work so the temperature is optimal when you return.  

Opt for an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System 

Opt for energy-efficient air conditioners to save on energy costs. Air conditioners now come with a blue- and red-star rating to show their cooling and heating efficiency, respectively. Many manufacturers market their products as energy-efficient, but you should dig a little deeper to get your hands on the most suitable unit.

Energy-efficiency systems are expensive, but they pay off in the longer run.   

Invest in Insulation and Sealing 

Poor sealing and insulation can lead to higher energy consumption because the aircon system will have to work harder to reach the required temperature. Ensure the space you are trying to cool has proper insulation and sealing for a longer lifespan of your system and lower energy bills.



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