Heater Cleaning vs. Duct Cleaning

While the heat of summer fades away and the days begin to shorten thoughts turn to staying warm rather than cool. The longer, colder nights also mean your heating system is going to be playing a central role in your life. Servicing your system now is a great way to ensure you’re winter ready. We […]

The Importance of Cleaning Coils

Making sure you’re ready to beat the heat is essential in this weather. That’s why we at Surrey Air recommend checking and cleaning your system’s coil regularly to ensure your air conditioning unit is working properly. What is a Coil? Coils are used to transfer heat out of or into an airstream. They are one […]

How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

Best Heating Units

We’ll avoid the Game of Thrones cliches and merely say “it it now winter”! Heating is a necessary part of the equation if you want to remain comfortable — it doesn’t take temperatures much less than 18°C to get cold, uncomfortable or sick. But how can you keep your house warmer for longer this winter? […]

It’s Time to Turn up the Heat

hydronic heating system

It’s starting to reach that dreaded time of the year again. That’s right—when you need at least eight layers on to maintain any semblance of warmth; when you need a bucket of warm water ready in the morning to pour over your windscreen; and also when your coffee needs to be extra extra extra hot. […]

Caring for Youth and Elderly in Hot Weather

Even for extremely healthy people, coping with excessive heat is fraught with difficulties. But for the young and the elderly, there are even more risks involved. Each demographic is more susceptible for different reasons. In the case of the very young, their bodies are not fully developed enough to adapt easily to severe changes in […]

R22 for sale

If you are searching for R22 to buy, the chances are you fit into one of two groups; either you are a HVAC technician, or a client who needs a leak in their system repaired. Either way, the search for affordably priced R22 has become difficult for everyone. In 1989, Australia ratified the Montreal Protocol, […]

Why we choose Daikin

Daikin Logo

Many of our customers ask us ‘Why Daikin?’ (and why not the other brands), so if you are wondering too, here’s our top five reasons why we choose Daikin … Surrey Air is proud of our 35 plus years as a Daikin dealer. Like us, Daikin is a team player who are motivated by quality, […]

Are rising gas prices here to stay?

The truth behind rising gas prices (and what to do about it) The proof is out there before our eyes, on our bills – gas is now expensive. However, it is taking most Australians a while to get over the shock and face reality: what was true about gas a decade ago, will never be […]

How to test if your heater is working properly

Do you know if your heater is working properly? We have had a marvelous Indian Summer so far, but this is Melbourne, so the pre-winter cold will arrive before we know it, and it is best to be prepared when it does. You’d be surprised how many people leave it to the first cold snap […]