Surrey Air – Unrivalled Installation Services in Melbourne

Surrey Air – Unrivalled Installation Services in Melbourne

Comfort from the environment and temperature inside your homes or offices comes from heating and cooling products. For such products to work perfectly, unmatched heating and cooling installation services are required.  Don’t Worry! Surrey Air not only serves the people of greater Melbourne and Peninsula with heating and cooling services. Surrey Air provides cooling and […]

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Melbourne Australia


The Australian climate can be harsh and hard to predict, specifically in Melbourne. This constantly varying climate and temperatures make it difficult for Melbourne residents to adjust to extreme changes in the environment. That is why air conditioners are no longer considered a luxury; they have become a necessity. However, choosing the right air conditioner that fits […]

Signs of Poor Air Quality in Home


Many people believe that staying indoors is probably the best way to avoid pollution, however, the truth is that the air inside is five times more polluted than the outdoor air.  Poor air quality can affect your health leading to ailments such as constant coughing, nausea, sneezing, dizziness, and irritation in the eyes, nose, and […]

Residential Heating Services in Melbourne

Residential Heating Services in Melbourne

As the colder days of winter approach in Melbourne, some of us are looking forward to enjoying the holidays and falling leaves, whereas, for others, cold winter days might not be ideal. Either way, all Melbournians will require a heating system that can stand the unpredictable winter conditions and keep you warm and cozy within […]

Why we choose Daikin

Daikin Logo

Many of our customers ask us ‘Why Daikin?’ (and why not the other brands), so if you are wondering too, here’s our top five reasons why we choose Daikin … Surrey Air is proud of our 35 plus years as a Daikin dealer. Like us, Daikin is a team player who are motivated by quality, […]

Are rising gas prices here to stay?

Gas and Electiricity charges increment

The truth behind rising gas prices (and what to do about it) The proof is out there before our eyes, on our bills – gas is now expensive. However, it is taking most Australians a while to get over the shock and face reality: what was true about gas a decade ago, will never be […]

3 Spring cleaning tips to keep your air flowing

Spring in Australia

Does dust and pollen make you sneeze and itch? As spring approaches it may be necessary for you to service and clean your air conditioning system to make sure it keeps you cool in the hot weather instead of sniffy. However, it’s not just allergy sufferers that need to pay annual attention to their cooling […]

Save money on heating with reverse cycle air conditioners.

Save money on heating with reverse cycle air conditioners. In 2015 a Melbourne University study found that rising gas prices have caused reverse cycle heating to be a cheaper heating solution than gas for the first time. Making the switch from gas heating to reverse cycle air conditioning can lead to an overall drop in […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Is your heater safe?

Many people are unaware that carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can spill from faulty gas heaters and cause chronic illness or, in some cases, death. Carbon monoxide is a gas produced by common household appliances. Any appliances that use gas, oil, kerosene, or wood can produce carbon monoxide. When not properly […]

Ten hot tips for controlling humidity

Why does it feel hot even when it’s cloudy? In a typical Melbourne summer, the humidity is higher in the morning and then lessens by the afternoon. However on days when humidity remains high all day we start to feel the effects of sticky skin, wet brows and shortened breaths, even when there is cloud […]